CTE Director Meetings

TDCTE Executive Council Meeting Minutes–July 2020

TDCTE Executive Council 

Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2020

  • Members present: Renny Whittenbarger, President; Betsy Allison, West TN VP; Arlette Robison, Secretary; Clark Knight, TACTE Representative
  • Discussion of nominations for the slate of 2020-2021 TDCTE Executive Council Officers, as approved by two-thirds of the nominating committee:
    • President: Betsy Allison
    • West TN VP: George Leake
    • Middle TN VP: Shannon Watson
    • East TN VP: Julia Decker
    • Secretary: Arlette Robinson
    • Treasurer: Richard Skipper
    • Legislative Liaison: Ryan Goodman
    • TACTE Representative: Clark Knight
    • Media Specialist: Candi Collier
    • Past President: Renny Whittenbarger
  • Discussion of Treasurer’s Report and commendation of Brad Leach for years of service as Treasurer for the Tennessee Directors of Career and Technical Education
  • Arlette proposed review and discussion on organization bylaws; many new members coming onto the executive council. Consider August Zoom meeting with all new executive council members to review and understand bylaws. 
  • Arlette and Clark proposed conversation on need to review list and procedures for sharing membership invoices, collecting and monitoring collection of fees. 
  • Betsy and Renny discussed contract of services with UTK for state CTE Director meetings. At the August Zoom meeting, the proposed UTK contract will be reviewed for services that should not be charged due to COVID 19 restricts on travel requiring summer and fall state meetings to be held virtually. 
  • Clark presented information to be shared with all directors during the July 15th business meeting—joining ACTE and participating in ACTE professional development online sessions. 
  • Renny reviewed the agenda for the July 15th business meeting.
  • Clark moved to adjourn the meeting, 2nd by Betsy. 

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