CTE Director Meetings

TDCTE Business Meeting –Fall 2020

TDCTE Business Meeting –October 21, 2020


TDCTE Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting

October 21, 2020

  1. July 2020 Minutes and Treasurer’s Report
  2. Winter 2021 Meeting
    1. Media Campaign
    2. Legislative Meetings
  3. Professional Development Opportunities for CTE Directors and CTE Teachers
    1. ACTE Vision
    2. Other Ideas
  4. Questions? Requests for Support?

Secretary Minutes Summer Meeting

Posted August 3, 2020

Treasurer’s Report 10/21/2021

The new fiscal year started on July 1st – The balance transfer was $17,343.68

To this point spending: $186.02

$84.00 – Annual PO box rental

$40.92 – Secretary of State Annual report

$61.10 – Reimbursement to Brad Leach for postal fees

Professional Development Fee Collections: 41 systems so far

Balance as of 10/21/2020 – $21357.66

Respectfully Submitted,
R.Skipper 10/20/20

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