CTE Director Meetings, Minutes

Fall CTE Meeting Minutes

TDCTE Business Meeting Minutes
October 21, 2020
Zoom Virtual Fall Director’s Meeting

Betsy Allison, TDCTE President, called the virtual meeting to order.
Betsy Allison placed the meeting agenda on the TDCTE website.
The Secretary’s report was available online on the TDCTE website. Betsy Allison called for members to
review and provide comments if there were questions.
The Treasurer’s report was available online on the TDCTE website. Betsy Allison called for members to
review and provide comments if there were questions.
Lena Thomas moved to accept the minutes and treasurer report as posted, Clark Knight, seconded.
Motion carried through the chat feature. Reports will be filed as written.
New Business:
Renny Whittenbarger shared the results of the annual organizational internal audit completed by Mark
Gregory, Robertson County. Audit results will be filed with the treasurer’s books.
The nomination committee was announced: Richard Skipper, Middle Tennessee VP, Betsy Allison, West
Tennessee VP, and Dr. Julia Decker, East Tennessee VP. The nominated committee presented the roster
for the 2020-2021 TDCTE Executive Committee.
President: Betsy Allison
Past President: Renny Whittenbarger
Middle Tennessee Vice President: Shannon Watson
East Tennessee Vice President: Dr. Julia Decker
West Tennessee Vice President: George Leake
Secretary: Arlette Robinson
Treasurer: Richard Skipper
Legislative Liaison: Ryan Goodman
TACTE Representative: Clark Knight (Appointed)
Media Specialist: Candi Collier (Appointed)
Karen Pitts moved to elect the roster of officers to serve TDCTE for 2020-2021, Ronnie Teague seconded
the motion. UTK conducted a Zoom poll with 71% of the members voting with 100% in favor, motion
Clark Knight reported that regional meeting will be hosted by South Carolina, October 1-3, 2020. ACTE
Career Tech Vision 2020 in Nashville, TN is still planned for December 2, 2020-December 5, 2020. In
addition, Professional Development resources are located on ACTE website through free online learning,
podcasts, etc.
Renny discussed the history of non-profit status, also outlining membership status and reminding CTE
Directors to professional development fees prior to the fall meeting. Richard Skipper to send out
statements through the regional Vice Presidents. Renny shared his email address and encouraged those
with questions regarding dues or finances for 2019-2020 to contact him:
Gavel was passed to Betsy Allison, 2020-2021 TDCTE President
Meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted,
Arlette Robinson, TDCTE Secretary
Kayleen McCabe contact is kayleenmccabe@gmail.com
Karen Pitts to Everyone: 11:11 AM
Another great speaker who could do in person or online is Tara Brown: https://theconnectioncoach.org/
From Richard Skipper to Everyone: 11:12 AM
Daniel Steele – goes by Danny Steele @steelthoughts.com
From Renny Whittenbarger to Everyone: 11:12 AM
Thank you
From Janie Evans to Everyone: 11:12 AM
Is there a contact for McCabe?
From Jennifer Barham to Everyone: 11:12 AM
She spoke at ACTE a few years ago and she is good!
From perry schrandt to Everyone: 11:12 AM
Sirchie is offering in person training for Criminal Justice teachers in Nov and June. It is in NC and info is on the Sirchie site
November 17 ACTE/ TACTE Session which will cover What is ACTE/TACTE and the benefits of each.

Join Zoom Meeting
Zoom Meeting info: Meeting ID: 842 8902 0597
Passcode: 059779

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