Professional Development Fee Invoices

Professional Development Fees 2020-2021 Click Here for a Link to the Invoice

TDCTE Professional Development Invoice 2020-2021

Time to pay the 2020-2021 Professional Development Fess as outlined by the Tennessee Directors of Career and Technical Education Association Constitution and Bylaws:

Professional development fees shall be $100 annually per person, whether active or associate member, payable at/or prior to the time of the CTE fall conference. The membership year shall be from July 1 through June 30. An active member shall be considered in good standing if his/her professional development fees and dues in both the Tennessee Career Technical Education Association and American Career Technical Education Association are paid for the current year.  A director must be considered an active member in good standing in order to be elected as an officer to the Association and to continue serving as an officer of the Association.

Professional Development Fee Invoices

Time to Pay your TDCTE Professional Develop Fee for 2018-2019

Every year between July and October the Directors of Career and Technical Education are invoiced for professional fees associated with the organization.  This money assists in the development of activities and programs associated with representing the directors of the state.  The cost of the professional development fee is $100.  The organization is non-profit.  Please submit your invoice fee before the winter CTE Meeting in Nashville, TN.

Find the invoice for the professional development fee here:TDCTE Invoice 18-19