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You have an opportunity to Share Your Story here is how:

  1. Click on the link to access the Google Legislative Breakfast Slideshow folder.  TDCTE Legislative Breakfast
  2. Open the folder labeled with your region and then open the folder for your study council region.
  3. Right click, choose “Add New Folder” then name the folder with your district or county…i.e. Hamilton County Schools
  4. Open your district folder and right click to upload files.
  5. Files to upload…  A. add up to 5 pictures of great things going on in your district which will represent one slide in the legislative slideshow. These pictures should include unique programmatic activities or CTSO activities.  B. Provide a caption or short description of the photos for the slide, i.e. school name, activity, organization, etc..   NOTE: The person who is assembling this slideshow knows nothing about your program so please do not send only pictures. C. Upload a list of ALL of your legislators so they might be added to the page.
  6. Thank you for presenting your great work!!!


The 2019 Legislative Breakfast CTE Presentation

Click Here

Legislative Breakfast